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Woke Companies’ Dark Secret Exposed – This is Worse Than You Thought

June 01, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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In recent months, Americans have sent a strong message to large corporations. Customers have boycotted Bud Light and Target, because of how these companies have pushed transgenderism. Outraged that these businesses are putting radical politics ahead of listening to customers, Americans have refused to support them. Bud Light has lost billions, and Target even more.

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And retail chain Kohl’s is quickly watching its stock value drop, after it displayed gay and transgender clothing for babies.

But when this news makes the rounds, Americans might want to boycott them even harder. Target and Kohl’s are doing much more than selling gay-themed clothing to children and infants. It appears the executives who run these massive corporations have gone all-in with their attempts at propping up a radical movement that has recently gone violent.

You won’t believe this.

Target and Kohl’s, both massive retailers of youth clothing, have a sent significant amount of money to GLSEN, an activist group that promotes gender ideology and child gender transitions in schools.

GLSEN openly advocates for teachers to intentionally create a separation between children and their parents; a document from the organization titled, “Model Local Education Agency Policy on Transgender and Nonbinary Students” writes that “Transgender and nonbinary students have the right to discuss and express their gender identity openly and to decide when, with whom, and how much to share private information.” […]


It also writes that prior to reaching out to the parents or guardians of a child suffering from such afflictions, “school staff should clarify with the student whether to use their gender affirming name and the pronouns that correspond to their gender identity, or whether to use their legal name when corresponding with a parent/guardian.” 

This is pretty disgusting. Both Target and Kohl’s have donated money to a group that aggressively pushes children into becoming transgender. GLSEN not only encourages children to “transition” but they advocate for keeping parents in the dark.

They even have influence over public schools, telling them not to inform parents that children are considering life-altering decisions.

This is totally inappropriate. This organizing is advocating for the destruction of the nuclear family and replacing it with the state. It wants government-run schools to have more say in a child’s life than their own parents.

Transgenderism is only the excuse they are using for a larger campaign of destroying the American family. If children should hide their gender preferences from their parents, what else are they hiding from them? If this group thinks parents don’t have a say in something as critical as their child’s gender, but a school does, it clearly doesn’t think parents should be raising their children.

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This is where the left is going, folks. Parents, in their mind, should only provide a roof over a child’s head. Everything else needs to be decided by a cold, godless, “woke” government. And Target and Kohl’s believe enough in GLSEN’s socialist mission that they are donating money to this vile group.

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