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WH Won't Take Sides on McCarthy's Speakership

October 03, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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The Biden administration revealed Monday it will not take sides in the push from some conservative House Republicans to replace Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

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White House press secretary Karine-Jean-Pierre said that President Joe Biden wants to leave any potential deals between House Democrats and either side of the Republican infight to party leadership.

"That's something for House Republicans to figure out," Jean-Pierre told reporters when asked about the situation, later adding that it was also "for Democratic leadership and House Democrats to figure out."

Her comments parrot near identical ones made by Biden this weekend, with both stressing that the administration will focus instead on delivering for Americans and growing the economy.


On Monday, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., signaled that he intends to motion to vacate McCarthy from the speakership over his decision to work with Democrats in passing a stopgap spending bill.

The continuing resolution, which funds the government through Nov. 17, includes none of the spending cuts or border security desired by conservative Republicans but does leave off billions in floated aid to Ukraine.

"It is going to be difficult for my Republican friends to keep calling President Biden feeble while he continues to take Speaker McCarthy's lunch money in every negotiation," Gaetz argued.

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"It is becoming increasingly clear who the speaker of the House already works for, and it's not the Republican conference," he added.

The extent of support Gaetz has for the ousting is unknown, but 90 Republicans voted against the stopgap bill. He could bring up the motion for McCarthy to vacate as soon as Monday evening.

Only one lawmaker is needed to trigger the motion for a floor vote. However, a majority of all lawmakers in the House are required to oust McCarthy.

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