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We’re NOT Overreacting, Inflation is Real

July 20, 2021 RawAmericanTruth Economy 0
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“Oh, you’re being dramatic.”

“Stop acting crazy.”

“You are making that up.”

If we heard such comments from a significant other, it would be an example of gaslighting. It would also be considered a form of emotional abuse.

Yet, when we talk about inflation, the Democrats want to say the same things to us. The reality is that we’re not overreacting, we’re not being dramatic, and we have valid concerns that need to be addressed.

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The prices of everything are on the rise – gas, groceries, clothing, school supplies, and more. Since we’ve been in a spiral of wage suppression for decades, this is a real concern. How are we supposed to pay for everything?

It was only weeks ago that Biden told everyone that the current inflation highs were temporary. It was simply a result of everything opening back up after COVID. As if we were supposed to believe that, the New York Times even published a piece about “The Week Inflation Panic Died.”

The reality is that the inflation panic hasn’t died. If anything, it’s getting worse. Why? Well, it seems that it’s not temporary. If the inflation was temporary, shouldn’t the prices be going down instead of up?

Democrats want to pretend as though the higher numbers are all in our heads. The prices we see at the grocery stores? Those don’t exist. After all, the Biden administration made a big deal that hot dogs were down by 16 cents over last year. As long as we’re all eating Oscar Mayer for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we should be set, right?

In June, inflation was clear – with the consumer price index up by 5.4 percent over last year. To put things into perspective, it’s the worst since 2008.

It’s all as a result of Joe Biden’s policies. He can’t blame it on Trump and he can’t blame it on COVID. Each and every executive order that Biden has written in the past seven months is to blame.


He has created money to pay for everything. He’s raising the debt ceiling. And he’s doing this on an already fragile economy.

As a country, regardless of political affiliation, we have to be concerned. At some point, the Democratic Representatives and Senators are going to have to answer to their constituents.

The American people are seeing higher prices at the grocery stores and at the gas pumps. We’re not making this up. The gaslighting has to stop.

Rather than telling us that we’re imagining things, the Biden administration has to step up. The Democrats have to stop attaching trillions of dollars to every issue they want to fix.

If they would just admit that there’s a problem, we could actually work on seeing the inflation drop. Instead, they want to live in denial – and that’s only going to result in making the inflation worse.

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Of course, the media will never let the finger be pointed at Biden. After all, the “fact-checkers” want to claim that the Republican claims are bogus. Hey, all we know is that gas prices were a lot cheaper when Trump was in office. Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline and gas prices skyrocketed. But, okay, it’s not Biden’s fault for the higher gas prices. In fact, there are no higher prices. We’re all just being unreasonable. We must be seeing things when we notice that gas prices are close to $1 more per gallon than they were last year.

Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us that we’re imagining seeing migrants enter the country illegally. Oh, wait…they’re in denial about that, too.

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