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US Military Ramps Up After China Threats

April 03, 2020 RawAmericanTruth Politics | Foreign Policy 0
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As China seems to be in the hot seat with the start of the coronavirus in Wuhan, they have made some pretty serious threats.  President Trump calls it down the middle and exactly how it is when he calls it the “Chinese virus.”  China made threats to stop sending over medicines to America if we continue to blame them.  The US military is not a force to be messed with either, and they are ramping up for any threats China poses to America.

The Marine Corps is no longer focused and tied up with the Middle Eastern turmoils as it once was.  Though many still remain over there, the focus is now on China.  Their goal is to move from island to island on the western Pacific with ease and contain the Chinese fleet.

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China has surpassed American military actions in the region, and this week the US military will be back on top.  China’s naval forces and missiles had the upper hand advantage until now.

General David Berger, the Marine Corps commandant, stated, “China, in terms of military capability, is the pacing threat.  If we did nothing, we would be passed.  I have come to the conclusion that we need to contract the size of the Marine Corps to get quality.”

General Berger feels the plans need to go toward the Naval force instead of the Marines when it comes to China.  They are pulling back almost 20,000 aircraft and tanks to furnish the budget for the Navy, since the Navy could contain the region better and surveillance.

The Pentagon is calling this a broad shift throughout the United States Military to keep up with Russia and China.  America must always remain on top.  As of now, it is simply competition, but with China sending the smallest threats to the US, we must always be prepared.

It is starting out as a threat to cut ties in medicine between China and America.  President Trump and his administration are working out the kinks to put everything back in America.  We cannot rely on other countries when we have what it takes to be number one in the world.  We also cannot accept threats from any other nation.


Catastrophic fear would spread across the world if a country like China or Russia had more robust military equipment than the US.  The US Air Force is now putting out a hypersonic missile that travels five times over the speed of sound.  Some of the aircraft now will be flown by unmanned aircraft, which carries bombs and flies strategically in formation with planes that are piloted.

The Navy will also put out unmanned ships and submarines.  Both the Army and the Navy are pulling out different tactics, which will make the United States Military unbeatable.  All of this comes from the money which our great President Donald Trump put out to the military.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he intends to move forward with “full, irreversible implementation” on the shift.  There was $705 billion put into the Pentagon’s lap to get all of these new military equipment tops of the line.  This was the largest budget outlined in 70 years for research and development.  Approximately $107 billion is what we are looking at just with equipment alone.

Believe it or not, it was the war in Afghanistan which changed the course on all of these decisions.  With the roadside bombs and all the suicide bombers in cars, the idea of moving toward electronic warfare gives us the upper hand.  We lost too many soldiers in these wars, and now the military has a Commander in Chief who is more than willing to furnish all that is necessary to keep America’s finest safe.

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The truth is coming out now, that while America was busy in Afghanistan all those years, China and Russia ramped up their equipment.  Thankfully, they never used their weapons against us.  US officials confirmed and stated, they had the upper hand over us until Trump signed off on the billions of dollars for military funds.

So besides what China had to say, what opened the subject?  Iran was the factor that changed everything.  Iran is allied with China and Russia.  As the tensions sparked over the last year into the beginning of this year, China and Russia could have stepped in at any given moment.  This would have been catastrophic.  As of now, with the upgrades, we no longer have to worry.

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