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Trump Indictment Scandal Explodes–Democrats are Going to Regret This, Big Time

March 23, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics | National News 0
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We all know why Democrats are going after Trump, again. How many times have they tried to take down the former president over bogus allegations? I’ve lost count. Democrats have accused Trump of all kinds of things–none of which were true (or actual crimes). Yet they still keep coming up with these pathetic attacks, all because they fear him returning to office.

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The latest just might be the most pathetic. Although it resulted in an “indictment,” the charges don’t even amount to a real crime. Democrats in New York are twisting state law to make it seem like Trump is a criminal. But it doesn’t seem like their case holds any water, and it might be thrown out very quickly.

That doesn’t change the fact that they just opened Pandora’s Box. Democrats are prosecuting a former president and current 2024 candidate. Millions of Americans know this is about political revenge–and they are very angry.

Now, Democrats are starting to get very worried.

Democrats are wary that an indictment may prove to be too legally risky and would aid the former president “short term” by giving him a “big boost” in the Republican primaries…

The indictment could elevate Trump’s numbers in the Republican primaries, Brad Bannon, Democratic strategist and president of Bannon Communications Research, told the Daily Caller…


The indictment of the president on charges relating to Daniels may also be legally fraught, as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would have to tie Trump’s alleged “intent to defraud” to a second crime for the alleged crime to be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony charge, The New York Times reported.

It’s already coming true. Polls that have come out in the wake of this indictment have shown Trump surging ahead of his GOP rivals. The fact that Democrats are going to such radical lengths to attack one of their political enemies is disgusting Americans. And it could help secure Trump’s nomination.

Despite all the talk to the contrary, that’s the last thing Democrats want. They want Trump as far away from the ballot as possible. Claims that they are trying to help Trump win the nomination, so he can lose to Biden, are fantasies.

Hillary Clinton helped Trump win the nomination in 2016 (something people have forgotten). She assumed he would be the easiest Republican to beat. Instead, she was humiliated.

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There’s no way Joe Biden wants to go head-to-head against Trump again. Trump is too quick-witted, sharp, and energetic for Joe to handle. Biden “won” 2020 thanks to wild abuses of the electoral system due to COVID-19. Joe won’t have COVID to lean on in 2024. Plus, he’ll be suffering from four years of epic failure, including crippling inflation and a recession.

Trump has a proven record from his first term in office. Plus, he has a seemingly unflappable army of supporters, who will follow him to hell and back. There’s no way Democrats want Trump running in the general election. Which is why they launched this idiotic case in the first place.

But it will clearly backfire, as their schemes always do.

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