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Taylor Swift, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Elizabeth Warren Team Up to Allow Threats to Music Executives

November 26, 2019 RawAmericanTruth Lifestyle 0
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One problem that a lot of people seem to have with President Donald Trump is that he makes sharp comments and remarks about people that sway the masses and, in particular, Trump fans to feel or even act a certain way in regards to that person. And sadly, some people take it too far.

For example, critics of Trump say that his constant commentary on “fake news” and the media being the “enemy of the people” have put journalists and those involved in the press in harm’s way. Some, such as Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), have even reported having received death threats after being criticized by President Trump.

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It is a sad fact of life that our words do have consequences, and all too often, they can be misinterpreted. However, the President has never called for direct action against anyone. He has never incited anger, hatred, or violence towards those who disagree with him.

The left, on the other hand, has, and they are not apologizing for it or even being criticized. Apparently, what’s good for the goose isn’t the same for the gander.

As you may have heard, celebrity singer/songwriter Taylor Swift is currently in the middle of a rather large feud with music executives from Big Machine Label Group, who owns the master recordings of Swift’s first six albums.

The whole thing is basically a ‘she said/he said’ argument, with Swift saying that Big Machine Label Group’s founder Scott Borchetta and its new owner Scooter Braun will not allow her to sing her older songs. They claim they have ownership of them and that she is contracted to not use those songs until next year.

We aren’t about to get ourselves involved with who is right and who isn’t, as both have accused the other of doing wrong.

What is essential is that Swift just recently escalated things by posting her view of the matter on social media on Thursday, which she certainly has the right to do. However, in her rather lengthy and accusatory post, she asked for her fans’ help.

She said, “Please let Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun know how you feel about this.”

And she got an overwhelming response.

Celebrities and fans from far and wide commented on her post, showing her support and condemning the actions of the music label group.

Among those supporters were Democratic politicians presidential candidate and Senator Elizabeth Warren and crazy AOC herself. Both gave Swift their full support and railed against the “private equity” firm.


AOC said that these were “predatory practices” that have “destroyed the lives of retail workers” and are holding Swifts songs “hostage,” Warren stated that such firms are “costing jobs and crushing entire industries.”

But just as die-hard fans are bound to do when such a call to action is made, some resorted to threats and violence. In fact, there were so many threats and messages of outrage directed toward Braun and Borchetta that Braun had to close his Nashville, Tennessee offices down on Friday.

A source told Fox News that the offices were closed because “hostile death threats” were not only being made to Borchetta and Braun but their employees as well, making them feel unsafe.

Suddenly, because of the reactions of Swift’s fans, everyone that worked for the label was being threatened. Some fans even tried to gain access to personal information about employees’ homes and personal phone numbers.

Yeah, I’d feel pretty unsafe and threatened too.

Now, I doubt this is what T. Swift had in mind when she asked for help. But it happened nonetheless.

And yet, neither Swift nor Warren or AOC seemed to see a problem with this. No comments were made about rebuking this behavior. No apologies were given to the employees or their bosses. And no one else seemed to have a problem with it either.

When Trump makes even the slightest accusation or disparaging remark against someone, the entire world of the left seems to come after him. They claim he is careless, thoughtless, racist, and invoking hate.

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But her we have a prominent member of the left doing the same thing, if not worse because she is actually directly calling for action, and nothing is said. Not a single word has been uttered by the liberals.

Talk about hypocrisy and a double standard. Someone needs to call this out, and it needs to happen now.

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