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Supreme Court Just Moved Against Biden – This Case Could Crush Democrats

June 25, 2024 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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The United States Supreme Court has been making headlines with a series of landmark decisions that have far-reaching impacts on the nation. Over the last few years, the Court has tackled a diverse array of issues, from voting rights to healthcare.

These decisions are profoundly shaping the legal landscape and influencing public policy. The Supreme Court’s rulings have saved American traditions and sent progressives running for the hills.

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Now, a huge issue has just dropped in the court’s lap. The Biden administration is trying to prevent states from protecting families and children. The battle has been raging for years. And now, the court has made a decision that might destroy parents’ rights or shatter a major liberal holy grail.

The Supreme Court on Monday jumped into the fight over transgender rights, agreeing to hear an appeal from the Biden administration seeking to block state bans on gender-affirming care.

The justices’ action comes as Republican-led states have enacted a variety of restrictions on health care for transgender people, school sports participation, bathroom usage and drag shows. The administration and Democratic-led states have extended protections for transgender people, including a new federal regulation that seeks to protect transgender students.


The case before the high court involves a law in Tennessee that restrict puberty blockers and hormone therapy for transgender minors. The federal appeals court in Cincinnati allowed laws in Tennessee and Kentucky to take effect after they had been blocked by lower courts. (The high court did not act on a separate appeal from Kentucky.)

Twenty-five states have passed laws that prevent or restrict transgender procedures on minors. Democrats call these procedures “gender-affirming care,” which subject children to damaging hormone blockers and drugs or even surgeries that remove their reproductive organs.

American families are understandably sickened by this trend. Especially when some courts and states have prevented parents from knowing or intervening in their children’s (minors) decisions. Progressive politicians and teachers are coercing children into making irreversible decisions that will forever alter their lives and identities—and they don’t want their parents involved.

Joe Biden has sued states that have passed reasonable bans on subjecting children under 18 to this nightmare. Legal adults have not been affected by these laws, just minors. Yet Biden is hellbent on exposing children to transgender extremism. With the Supreme Court stepping into this situation, it could settle the matter—at least from a legal standpoint.

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How the court rules will either protect states’ rights in deciding transgender policy for minors. Or, they could give Biden and the federal government power to rob parents of their ability to protect their children.

The current court enjoys a strong conservative majority, but that doesn’t mean the justices can’t be manipulated by public pressure. Liberals have shown they are not above threatening justices through threats against them and their families.

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