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President Trump’s AG Barr Did Not Inform US Embassy In Rome Of His Trip To Italy Last Week

October 08, 2019 RawAmericanTruth Politics | Foreign Policy 0
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President Trump and his AG Bill Barr are wising up to the Deep State crooks in the US and around the world. AG Barr was in Italy last week and he declined to notify the Rome Embassy of his visit. Clearly the Deep State can’t be trusted.

President Trump’s Attorney General Bill Barr was in Italy last week to investigate Italy’s actions in the scam orchestrated by the Obama Administration in the 2016 Presidential campaign. It’s been widely reported that Italy was involved with accusations that Italy’s former Prime Minister Renzi, President Obama’s good friend, being involved. The following reports outline this relationship.

According to a summary of a report coming from Italy provided exclusively to us, Renzi, the former PM of Italy is very upset with what Barr is looking into, indicating to some, a guilty conscious.


Federico Punzi from Italy’s Atlantico provided us excepts from his article posted this weekend in Italy.

[Former Italian PM] Renzi asked [current Italian PM] Conte to “put an end to the strange anomaly that for years has seen intelligence community depend only on the prime minister: the appointment of the delegated authority is needed. The role that Marco Minniti had with me. And, before him, Gianni De Gennaro”. Minniti was the delegated authority over Italian secret services during US presidential election in 2016.

Renzi is more sensitive to the issue of intelligence since the meetings with Barr emerged, implying Conte’s desire for collaboration with Trump’s men. How far can this collaboration go? It is quite clear that founded or not the suspicions of Italian involvement in SpyGate, Renzi is right to fear spending months defending against uncontrollable leaks and rumors. The version that Palazzo Chigi [PM’s House in Italy] today provides to La Repubblica about the meetings is not reassuring for Renzi (and Gentiloni): we wanted to “clarify what the US information was about the role of our services at the time of former governments”.

Conte does not intend to cede to the diktat of Renzi and also insists that the meeting with Barr and Durham would have been held in Piazza Dante, home of the Italian services, and not to the US embassy. “I am harder even than Bettino Craxi was at Sigonella” in defending the national interest (in 1985 Craxi refused to hand over a terrorist landed in Italy to President Reagan). So, should we conclude that he would have refused to “deliver” Mifsud? However, not a reassuring comparison to Washington.

The meetings of our intelligence chiefs with Barr put the Prime Minister in a very delicate position, since full cooperation with the American authorities could mean exposing the components of his current majority: the investigations could in fact bring out the closeness of Mifsud to exponents Pd[paid] politicians fervent admirers of Hillary Clinton, like Pittella, the role of our services under the Renzi and Gentiloni governments, as well as that of Link Campus and its relations with the same intelligence community and with the 5 Star Movement.

And a second front has opened up: the 5 Stars, starting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio, asked to reduce the purchases of F35. And even here the Prime Minister gets stuck: “Conte agrees on renegotiation,” sources at Palazzo Chigi say. Well, the White House would not be happy…

A certain nervousness is also felt at the US embassy in Rome. Some diplomats and intelligence officials at Palazzo Margherita were not sure what was the reason for Barr’s visit to Rome, the New York Times wrote on Sunday, citing two sources according to which they were “surprised” to discover that the Attorney General had circumvented the protocols in the organization of his mission, during which he met with political officials and Italian services.

These sources are actually highlighting how little the president’s men trust their officials. In fact, the embassy in Rome, along with the US cultural centers in the Italian capital, is among the nodes of the US administration where the anti-Trump resistance is more active and the network of Clintonian friendships is more intact. Which only adds to the suspicion that in 2016 some activities to sabotage the candidate and then President-elect Trump may have been there.

President Trump and AG Barr know that they can trust no one in the Deep State. The Deep State actors in the US and around the world are becoming very nervous about finally getting caught!

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