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Pope, 86, rushed to hospital Wednesday

February 28, 2024 RawAmericanTruth Lifestyle 0
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On Wednesday, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis was transported to a Rome hospital for medical tests following his weekly general audience. The Vatican declined to specify what kind of tests.

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The pope, 86, canceled appointments on Saturday and Monday due to the flu. However, he appeared above St. Peter’s Square on Sunday for his usual blessing.

Hours before heading to the hospital, Francis appeared fatigued as he was wheeled into the audience hall, instead of his usual walk. He appeared to sink into his chair.

Since last year, the pope has struggled with complications from a knee fracture, and he’s been relying on canes and wheelchairs to reduce strain.

However, the pope has been suffering health issues for years. As a young man in Argentina, he had part of his lung removed due to an infection.


In 2020, the pope suffered a respiratory illness preventing some activities. A year later, he underwent intestinal surgery to remove part of his colon.

After Wednesday’s audience, Francis spent nearly an hour greeting attendees personally from his wheelchair, stopping to converse, bless infants and exchange gifts.

The pope then reminded listeners of the 25th anniversary ratifying the international Anti-Personnel Mines Convention, which prohibits the production and use of landmines. He expressed ““closeness to the numerous victims of these insidious devices that remind us of the dramatic cruelty of war.”

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Francis also appealed for peace in the Middle East, and he prayed for victims in Haiti, Ukraine and Burkina Faso.

Afterward, the pope was transported in a white Fiat to Gemelli Hospital on Tiber Island.

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