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New Migrant Report Stuns Major Cities – This is Biden’s Fault…

February 20, 2024 RawAmericanTruth Politics | National News 0
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When the border crisis first erupted under President Biden, it appeared that Democrats turned a blind eye. Many of them hailed from sanctuary cities and states, that welcome border jumpers.

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However, the moment border states started sending migrants to these cities, Democrats suddenly had an opinion about the border.

Mind you, they are not calling for Biden to close the border. Nor are they deporting migrants. They just want more money from the federal government. Now, in many blue cities, this crisis has finally cracked. And these cities might never recover.

With more than 40,000 migrants arriving since 2022, Denver is at a breaking point with the weight of the costs of delivering free housing, free medical care, free legal advice, free education for their children, and other things to migrants…

From Los Angeles, to Chicago, to Boston, to New York City, and up into Maine, not to mention in every corner of the southwest, cities are being swamped and outspent by the millions of border crossers who have come here assuming that Joe Biden has created a wide open border. 

We have discussed the damage Biden’s border crisis has done to cities in the past. But now, it appears we’ve reached a point where the damage is at critical mass. Denver, of all cities, has been buried by the burden of caring for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants.


And that is just for starters. New York, Chicago, and many other large cities are overwhelmed by the growing numbers of migrants coming to them. It seems these Democrats didn’t think they’d have to deal with the border crisis.

That, perhaps, it would just hurt red border states far from their streets. But Biden’s DHS has been flying migrants from Texas to all corners of the country since 2021. And governors like Greg Abbott have sent buses to Northern cities, to send a message to Democrats.

Because these mayors have seemingly neglected to pressure Biden to end the crisis, they are reaching the breaking point. Budgets are being slashed as last-ditch efforts to pay for migrants’ housing, healthcare, food, and more. Denver spent $40 million last year. It is likely it will spend $180 million in the coming year to take care of illegal aliens.

The federal government has only given the city $9 million.

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It’s obvious the U.S. government cannot afford to bankroll this border crisis. And cities are taking millions from programs meant to help American citizens. It is only a matter of time until voters, outraged that Democrats are behind this problem, start voting them out of office.

The question is, will voters wake up in time to do this? Or is it already too late?

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