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New 2024 Poll Stuns BOTH Parties – Could This Spoil Even Trump’s Comeback?

November 09, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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It’s no secret that millions of Americans are desperate for Donald Trump to return to the White House. Joe Biden has been an unmitigated failure, and most of us knew that was going to happen.

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But Democrats are going to vote for him, anyway, because they hate Trump that much. It’s up to swing voters, independents, and many others to go in force next year to ensure Biden doesn’t “finish the job” of destroying America.

A new poll is coming out, however, that could spoil both parties’ plans. The poll gauged interest in a must-win demographic for both candidates. But the winner is not who you are expecting.

A new poll published Tuesday shows independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has more support among young Americans in swing states than both the GOP frontrunner and incumbent president…

According to the poll, 34 percent of registered voters between 18 and 29 are behind Kennedy for president.


Comparatively, Trump — the GOP frontrunner — only carries 29 percent of that age range while Biden, the Democratic nominee, carries just 30 percent.

Among the 30-44 age group, Kennedy carries 31 percent of support compared to Biden and Trump’s matching 30s.

According to a new poll, independent candidate for president Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is beating Trump and Biden among young voters in key swing states. He enjoys 34% support from voters 18-29. And among 30-44 adults, a large group of voters, Kennedy beats both Republican and Democrat candidates with 31% support.

This is a critical group that both parties are desperate to win over. Older voters have already made up their minds about who they are going to vote for. If either candidate has any chance at getting an edge over the other, he needs young support.

Younger voters will replace older voters in the coming years. And it looks like RFK’s message is resonating more with them, than either Biden or Trump.

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This could be because more younger Americans distrust and dislike the established party system. It’s no surprise that an independent candidate can bridge the gap, so to speak, and offer an alternative to Democrats–who are corrupt and “woke”–and Republicans–who are self-serving and unable to unify.

There is still a year before the general election. And we can’t predict how far Kennedy will get in this election. But if these trends hold true, he will be a big problem for both Trump and Biden.

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