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Nancy Pelosi, 83, says Joe Biden’s age makes him “wise”

February 15, 2024 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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President Joe Biden was described by the special counsel earlier this month “a sympathetic elderly man with a poor memory.” Since then, Biden, 81, has been facing more and more scrutiny into his mental acuity and his advanced age.

Not to worry! Rep. Nancy Pelosi, 83, finds it completely normal for Biden to run for a second term. The California Democrat said on CNN, “He’s younger than I am, so what do I have to say about his age?

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Pelosi dismissed voters’ concerns about Biden’s senior moments. “I think his public presentation is OK,” she said.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked about Biden’s new tendency to poke fun at his age instead of trying to run away from it. “His age is his age,” Copper said glibly.

“His age is his age, yes,” Pelosi agreed. “I’ll tell you this, though. I’ve worked with the president for a long time, especially closely as speaker when he was president, and now since then, and he knows – I mean, he’s always on the ball. He knows the issues. He knows the legislation. He helped write some if it. He campaigned on it. He remembers it. Anyone who would think that they’re at some advantage because of his age thinks that at their peril because he’s very sharp.”

Of course, Cooper declined to push back against Pelosi’s effusive praise for Biden.

“You see a difference in his public presentation from what you see when you sit across a table from him or in a meeting with him. I did a podcast interview with him for about 30 minutes,” Cooper said. “He was very involved. I mean, he was fully present, fully cognizant –”

Pelosi interrupted, “Sharp!”

“Sharp,” Cooper agreed. “And that really made an impression on me. His public presentation is very different.”

Cooper pushed back only by asking Pelosi to explain to explain Biden’s viral comment confusing Mexico with Egypt.

Pelosi deflected tried to change the subject to former President Donald Trump.


“Well, I think that people do make mistakes. I think his age is one thing, that’s an objective fact. His making mistakes from time to time, we all do that,” Cooper said. “When the former, ex-president, defeated President Trump made a mistake about one thing or another, he would make the same mistake seven times. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, it was a complete going down a path of something that wasn’t even true, intentionally or otherwise.”

Pelosi compared Biden to the Kansas City Chiefs, supposedly the more experienced team at this year’s Super Bowl. Pelosi credited Biden’s age with making him “wise.”

“You saw experience prevail at the end. Experience is so important. Joe Biden has vision, he has knowledge, he has a strategic thinker. This is a very sharp president in terms of his public presentation. If he makes a slip of the tongue here or there, what’s the deal?” Pelosi said. “So I think that, again, age is an objective fact. As I say, it’s all relative. He’s younger than I am.”

Pelosi, like Biden, is running for another term this year. She turns 84 next month.

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