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Michael Flynn Threatens to Withdraw His Guilty Plea

January 26, 2020 RawAmericanTruth National News 0
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Former national security adviser Michael Flynn was looking to withdraw his guilty plea and filed a motion in court.  Flynn pleaded guilty in 2017 in a case that started with the special counsel’s investigations.  The decision derives from Flynn’s attorneys, who accused the prosecution of “the government’s bad faith, vindictiveness and breach of the plea agreement.”

Prosecutors wanted Flynn to get a sentence of up to six months in jail and made a move less than a week ago.  Flynn’s new legal team is working on evidence, which leads them to believe Flynn was forced to lie by the prosecution team.  This is a game-changer and shows corruption within the system.

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Originally, Flynn’s guilty plea came in the December 2017 hearing and said he lied to federal investigators concerning the discussions he and the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.  The discussions happened between the changing of presidents after the 2016 Presidential election.

He worked out a deal with prosecutors to assist formal special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation concerning the Russian interference in the 2016 election.  In the latter part of 2018, Flynn’s sentencing hearing was abandoned.  Flynn’s attorney was replaced and worked to prove his innocence.

In the court documents which were filed this past Tuesday evening, Flynn’s attorneys noted the government pushed Flynn into giving “false” testimony.  According to ABC News reports, the government wanted Flynn to say, “he knew and intended to sign false filings in his Turkish lobbying work, which would lead him to breach his plea agreement by not telling the truth.”

The evidence showed after Flynn switched his legal team, the government demanded the “false” testimony.  Flynn’s defense team wrote, “The prosecution has shown abject bad faith in pure retaliation against Mr. Flynn since he retained new counsel.  This can only be because, with new, unconflicted counsel, Mr. Flynn refused to lie for the prosecution.”  They added, “In pure spite, the government retaliated and sought to rescind its judicial admissions that Mr. Flynn was not a co-conspirator of Rafiekian’s.”

It turned out that Flynn did not testify at his partner’s trial.  When the prosecution had their doubts about Flynn cooperating, the judge threw the case out the window after the verdict came in from the jury stating Flynn was “guilty.”  The reason was due to “lack of evidence” in the case.


The reason the prosecution became “vindictive” was because they felt Flynn’s “affirmative efforts to undermine” the prosecution, Flynn deserved harsher sentencing as they pushed for six months behind bars.

Inside the court filing, the prosecution wrote, “The government has reason to believe, through representations by the defendant’s counsel, that the defendant has retreated from his acceptance of responsibility in this case regarding his lies to the FBI.”

The new court filing from Tuesday has Flynn’s lawyers who wrote about “extraordinary developments” came to light within the previous month.  They are requesting more time to work with the new information.

In December of 2018, prosecutors wanted to give Flynn a lesser sentence than what the mandate calls for.  They offered him a deal with no jail time due to the assistance Flynn provided and the cooperation he gave to the special counsel’s team.  Flynn sat in for interviews with the prosecution team, who filed charges on his former business partner Bijan Rafiekian and accused him of being a foreign agent for Turkey.

The federal court was scheduled to give Flynn his sentencing, but Flynn pulled out of the hearing.  Judge Emmet Sullivan leaned more toward giving Flynn a sentence with jail time, and Flynn backed out.  Smells like a setup!

Michael Flynn’s new legal team has pushed the government aggressively to hand over information that was withheld from their client.  This case has turned into a battle that seems to have “government conspiracy” written all over it.

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When asked to explain why the prosecution backed out on their word and why the sentencing has been revised, they said it was because Flynn was not sufficing in his cooperation within his partner’s case.  The prosecution called it “trying to thwart the government’s case.”

There have been new dates added to this case.  Flynn’s attorneys are requesting a “continuance of a sentencing date on January 28.”  They are also seeking Judge Sullivan to “hold the sentencing hearing on February 27.”  This will give them more time to rebuild their case for a lesser sentence, which Flynn was promised.  Perhaps someone behind the scenes of the government is pulling a puppet’s strings.  Who knows?

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