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Manchin’s Morals Pay Off – Major Billionaire Throws Weight Behind Campaign

November 17, 2021 RawAmericanTruth Politics | Economy 0
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Sen. Joe Manchin has endured tremendous pressure from his own party ever since Joe Biden entered office. Democrats in the Senate have tried to push one radical scheme after another. The only reason America isn’t a smoking crater right now (thanks to the death of the filibuster, court-packing, and other failed schemes), is thanks to moderate Manchin.

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He continues to oppose Biden’s radical socialist spending package. His one vote is preventing this far-left bill from becoming law. Despite negotiations, criticism, and bully tactics, Manchin has refused to support a bill that would cripple his home state’s economy.

Some have suggested that the man jump ship and join the Republicans. He hasn’t done that. But here is the next best thing.

Republican billionaire Ken Langone says he’ll hold a fundraiser for the 2024 reelection of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, whom he called a “great American and praised for his “guts and courage.”…

“I don’t see leadership [in] any place in this country,” Langone said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” “Thank God for Joe Manchin.”

“I’m going to have one of the biggest fundraisers I’ve ever had for him,” Langone also said. “He’s special. He’s precious. He’s a great American.”

This is a pretty unusual turn of events, since Manchin will most certainly run against a Republican challenger in 2024. But it seems Langone is putting his eggs in Manchin’s basket, because of his “guts and courage.”

While the billionaire Republican was not specific, he probably was referring to Manchin’s refusal to cower to the left’s extreme agenda. Because of the 50-50 split in the Senate, Manchin’s one vote can upset plenty of Biden’s plans. Only two Democrats have spoken up against the insane proposals put forward by Chuck Schumer and others. Both Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema have opposed ending the filibuster as well as Biden’s trillion-dollar spending bill.


Both Democrats have experienced intense backlash from their own party. Activists have assaulted them in failed attempts to intimidate them.

Manchin, for his part, hails from a largely conservative state. West Virginia went for Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. If Manchin wants to hold onto his job, he’ll have to find common ground between both parties. Something that is becoming increasingly harder, as Democrats jump off the socialist cliff.

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With the unlikely support of Ken Langone, Manchin might be able to secure his seat, despite growing odds. If he does buckle, even a little bit, GOP rivals could crush him. Some might consider Langone’s support a betrayal of the party. But by announcing he’ll host a fundraiser for Manchin now, he’s securing the senator’s favor, as more extreme bills materialize in the Senate.

How his reelection chances stand by 2024 is anyone’s guess.

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