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Liberal Judge Favors Treatment for Illegal Aliens

November 16, 2019 RawAmericanTruth Politics | Foreign Policy 0
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The liberals are always quick to play on the emotions of the American people. They are always quick to pull a fake story out of their hat that centers on one migrant that was supposedly neglected at the border or was somehow mistreated in an attempt to bring down President Trump.

The problem with this is that those that are coming into the detention centers are coming into the country illegally or have surrendered themselves over to border agents hoping to get into the country. They know that they are going to be placed into the centers, which can be uncomfortable. But they still choose to come anyway.

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The liberals have put in the minds of these people that they have rights, and they need to fight for their rights. The truth is that they have no rights because they are not American citizens.

But when an illegal migrant is told to fight for their fake rights in court, there is bound to be one liberal judge that is going to rule on how they feel rather than the law. This is exactly what has taken place recently with one judge and one brainwashed illegal. All thanks to the  Democrats that believe the world should be cared for by their socialist policies.

This whacked-out judge has ruled that the United States government must give migrants separated at the border mental health services. The  Democrats have led many of these people to believe that they are victims of the system and that they are now forever mentally scarred because of what has happened to them.

The truth is they are better off now than they ever were before. They do not have any mental trauma other than having to put up with the Democrat’s lies and propaganda.

The migrants need to stand up for themselves and stop being treated as victims and pawns of the Democratic Party. John Kronstadt is the one judge for Los Angeles of all places that ruled in favor of the fake conditions of the border. This ruling is coming from a judge that is helping destroy the state of California by pushing the evil socialist agenda of the now ruling Democratic regime.


The Democrats believe that the liberal courts can rule the country and set up new fake laws in their favor. The truth be told is that the government does not have to listen to the courts because they have no power invested in them by the constitution. All they can do is interpret the law.

The psychological condition is said to be from forced separation. Forced separation could be anything from medical isolation to rescuing kids from sex trafficking. This judge has not looked into all the options for what is being said by one hired Democratic plant from another country.

One official noted that this move by the judge is something new as they stated “The court is recognizing that when a government creates a danger that inflicts trauma, the government is responsible for providing a solution. It is not something I have seen a court do before.”

Of course, it was a class-action lawsuit that got the liberal judge to rule with his feelings instead of his head. The cost of such services is expected to be extremely high. The Democrats believe that money just grows on trees.

These three women and little kids are just a fraction of the total amount of people that are coming through the system. The dumb Democrats would have the world believe that these kinds of trauma cases are the majority. But the truth is they are rare.

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Most of the people that come through the centers are treated very well. They are fed and cared for better than most poor people in the country. There is no reason to believe that these accounts are factual.

But the stupid judge decided to rule from his rear instead of from his head. Leave it up to an Obama judge to screw the nation one more time because he is so to think that fake stories are real.

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