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Liberal Comedian Bill Maher Calls Warren ‘Crazy’

February 10, 2020 RawAmericanTruth Lifestyle 0
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Comedian and HBO star Bill Maher is a known liberal and staunch “anti-Trumper, but that has not stopped him from calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “crazy.”

In a recent broadcast, he was specifically poking fun at Warren’s plan to have her nominee for secretary of education vetted by a transgender child.

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“Now, Obama said people just don’t want crazy stuff. Is this not crazy stuff? Is she running for president of Berkeley?” Maher said during his HBO show on last week.

Maher was referring to a comment Warren made the previous week, during which she said, “I’m going to have a secretary of education that this young trans person interviews on my behalf, and only if this person believes that our secretary or secretary of education nominee is absolutely committed to creating a welcoming environment, a safe environment, and a full educational curriculum for everyone will that person actually be advanced to be secretary of education.”


Warren was presumably referring to a 9-year-old transgender boy she spoke with in October during a CNN presidential candidate forum.

Maher has criticized Warren in the past and has made it clear he identifies more with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders than he does with her.

“I’ll tell you why Bernie Sanders is attractive to me now — because he’s the only Democrat who, like Trump, has an army, who when it gets to this other level. He’s got a bunch of badass motherf—ers who will get in the streets,” Maher said during the same episode.

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Warren’s poll numbers have been steadily decreasing over the last few weeks. A poll published earlier this week showed her falling to fourth place nationally behind Joe Biden, Sanders, and the surging Michael Bloomberg.

The Iowa caucus opened on Monday, Feb. 3.

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