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Is Amy Klobuchar Becoming a Real Contender?

January 22, 2020 RawAmericanTruth Politics | National News 0
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Amy Klobuchar is one of the quieter DNC contenders for the presidential race. She’s been slowly increasing her fundraising efforts and making her way up the polls. After the last debate, she proves that she’s actually becoming a threat to some of the other Democrats in the primaries race.

The Minnesota Senator is tired of being quiet. She was not only vocal but chose to get a bit mouthy with some of her opponents.

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Klobuchar has been seen as a moderate Dem, putting her in the same ranks as Joe Biden. The only problem up until now is that she hasn’t been sitting well in the polls. She has been outside of the top five deemed as the frontrunners. However, she took a shot at Buttigieg and Sanders in the debate, which may have been the dynamite that she needed to help her out.

The Senator didn’t hold back when it came to going after some of the progressive counterparts that she’s up against. She talked to them about issues of electability as well as the political reality of some of their outlandish proposals.

Part of Klobuchar’s charm is how she presents herself: a tell-it-like-it-is girl from the Midwest. Buttigieg is also from the Midwest, though. And Biden his trying to let everyone know that he’s a “no malarkey” kind of guy.

She’s still trailing in Iowa, the area where she’s staked the bulk of her campaign. She’s sitting with mid-single-digit polling numbers, still behind Sanders, Warren, Biden, and Buttigieg.

After the debate, CNN’s David Axelrod acknowledged that she’s getting better at the debates. Following her debate in October, she went on to raise over a million dollars in the span of 24 hours.


Klobuchar decided to set her sights on Buttigieg for the December debate, talking about his experience. This has been a real concern that many haven’t addressed. However, those who are on the city council with him in South Bend say that he should have waited four more years to get some experience under his belt. A “local official” as she mocks, says that he’s making a mockery of the presidential campaign because there’s 100 years of experience on the stage with him.

Clearly, she struck a nerve with him because he also leaned on his time in the military. He said that his experience may not be the same as hers, “but it counts, Senator.”

She didn’t let up. Instead, she pointed out his failed bids for state treasurer in 2010 and again for DNC chairman in 2017. She said that if he had won in Indiana, it would be one thing. Instead, he lost and did so by 20 points.

Buttigieg’s response to that about the “capacity to win” was putting together a coalition that would bring him back to office as a “gay dude” in Indiana. Buttigieg also told CNN that he expected the attacks since he’s doing well in the polls.

Klobuchar didn’t single out Pete Buttigieg. She brought her A-game for everyone in the debate, including Senator Bernie Sanders. She criticized him for his proposal on “Medicare for All,” reminding him that it is possible to be both progressive and practical. She said that the best way to cross a river over troubled waters is to build a bridge instead of blowing it up. This is in reference to her belief that it would be better to build on the Affordable Care Act.

One Democratic strategist commented on Amy Klobuchar’s approach, saying that it’s a necessity that she does well in Iowa or she’ll have no choice but to bow out of the race. The best way to take Iowa is to take down Buttigieg since he has the share lead. Only then can she think about taking on Biden since he’s the other moderate standing in her way.

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Klobuchar also attempted to shut down Warren and Buttigieg when Elizabeth Warren called the South Bend mayor out for having a fundraiser in a “wine cave full of crystals.” She told them that she doesn’t even know what a wine cave is and reminded them that they’re all here to talk about progress.

Amy Klobuchar certainly has a ways to go if she wants to get the nomination from the Democratic National Committee. However, she has proven in the December debate that she’s not afraid to call her opponents out on their lack of experience or their ability to be practical with their campaign promises. She may become the frontrunner that’s needed to take out Biden.

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