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Hillary Clinton: Biden's Age 'Is an Issue'

May 23, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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Hillary Clinton admits that "people have the right to consider" President Joe Biden's age as an issue over whether to reelect him to office in 2024.

Still, she says that he's got a "good record" as president and she supports him seeking another term in the White House.

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The 2016 Democrat nominee, who lost to former President Donald Trump, made her comments while answering a question by Financial Times Editor Edward Luce about Biden almost falling when he was walking down some stairs during last week's G-7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan.

"Every time that happens, your heart is in your mouth, because these things could be consequential. Is that a concern?” Luce asked Clinton, during the interview, which took place at the FT Weekend Festival this past weekend in Washington, D.C.

Clinton told him that falling "is a concern for anyone," regardless of their age.


"We've had presidents who've fallen before who [were] a lot younger, and people didn't go into heart palpitations," she said. "But his age is an issue. And people have every right to consider it."

Biden, who is 80 years old, announced last month that he plans to seek reelection, and Clinton told Luce that she believes he is "determined to run" and that he "has a good record that three years ago people would not have predicted would have gotten done."

However, she said the president "doesn't get the credit yet that he deserves for what is happening out in the country, in terms of jobs and growth and planning for the future, with chips and other stuff."

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"I obviously hope he stays very focused and able to compete in the election because I think he can be reelected, and that's what we should all hope for," Clinton added.

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