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Harvard Nanotech Mad Scientist Arrested Spying for Someplace Called Wuhan

February 04, 2020 RawAmericanTruth Lifestyle 0
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Dr. Charles Lieber is more than just the Chair of the esteemed Harvard Chemistry Department. He’s also a giant pumpkin hobbyist. Dr. Lieber’s son bought him a book about growing giant vegetables years ago, and so Dr. Lieber took up huge pumpkin growing as a hobby.

To each his own, I say! Some people like hunting and fishing, some people play Call of Duty, but for Dr. Charles Lieber, growing giant pumpkins is the pastime he likes to spend his free time on.

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Fun fact: In 2014, Dr. Lieber grew a pumpkin that was so big that it broke the Massachusetts state record. It’s true! Boston Magazine published a whole story on him. You can google it.

Oh, and Dr. Lieber also just got arrested by the feds for taking a Hunter Biden-sized salary from the commie regime in China, and for spying for someplace called Wuhan.

Has anybody ever heard of this Wuhan place? Is there something that Wuhan is known for, by any chance? I feel like I’ve heard of Wuhan being famous for something recently, but can’t quite… remember… Man, I hate that! It’s like it’s RIGHT on the tip of my tongue… Wuhan…

Oh, right, mutated Coronavirus! That’s it!

The Coronavirus, you may have heard, is rapidly spreading through China and killing even healthy people at a rate somewhere between 4% and 25%, depending on whose numbers you look at.

It also appears that the Coronavirus was created in some sort of secret laboratory in Wuhan. According to independent non-lying, non-Chinese researchers who have picked apart the virus, there is something really odd about this particular strain: It’s not like any other coronavirus they’ve seen before.

Specifically, the core of the Coronavirus at the genetic level has a middle section which was specifically encoded to make the virus attack and enter human cells. The researchers also believe the virus did not arrive at this particular strain through normal mutation. In other words, it was genetically engineered to enter human host cells.

Anyway, back to the giant pumpkin-growing chemistry scientist from Harvard, Dr. Lieber!


The Department of Justice says that Dr. Lieber accepted $15 million in grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) since 2008. Nothing controversial about that, of course, because Dr. Lieber was doing cutting edge research at Harvard with that money. But… the feds say that at the same time, Dr. Lieber was also taking a salary from the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT?) over the same period, to the tune of $50,000 a month as part of China’s Thousand Talents Plan.

The Thousand Talents Plan is one of China’s main methods of stealing intellectual property from other countries. They lure the best scientists and researchers in with a secret contract that pays them the equivalent of “One Hunter Biden” ($50,000 USD per month), and in exchange, those researchers steal secret technology and research from their home countries and give it to the Chinese.

Here’s something odd: When the National Institutes of Health asked Harvard whether Dr. Lieber was a participant in China’s Thousand Talents Plan, Harvard University told the NIH that Lieber had nothing to do with the program and hadn’t communicated with the Chinese since 2012. But the feds say Lieber was under contract with the Chinese from about 2011 until today.

Either Harvard was lying to the NIH to continue bringing in that sweet taxpayer money, or the university didn’t know that the head of their Chemistry Department was acting as a foreign spy, receiving $50,000 a month plus an additional $150,000 (allegedly) for an annual housing allowance from the Chi-Coms.

Well, I’m sure it will all get sorted out at trial. Besides, it’s not as if Dr. Lieber is the sort of person that was working on the Coronavirus or anything!

Oh, wait. Dr. Lieber is a nanoscience and nanotechnology expert, meaning he’s the mad scientist type that picks things apart at the genetic level to rearrange them. In other words, he’s one of only a handful of people in the entire world with the skills and knowledge to tinker with really tiny things, like… the core of a coronavirus strain, for example. Uh… WUT?

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Meanwhile, a Boston University researcher was arrested at the airport in Boston around the same time as Dr. Lieber’s arrest. That guy was a former officer in the Chinese army. He was a cancer researcher who was caught with “21 vials of biological materials in his sock.”

Nothing to see here folks! Back to the boring impeachment hearings, brought to you by our mainstream media who decides for us which stories to bury and which to spend 100% of their time on.

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