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Gun Rights Under Severe Threat

April 13, 2022 RawAmericanTruth Politics | Gun Control 0
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The Biden administration is all set to start a crackdown on ghost guns.

Reportedly, the new rule will aim at privately made guns without serial numbers, so ghost guns can be eliminated from the streets.

Biden Administration to Curtail Gun Rights of Americans

Since the start of Biden’s tenure, the Justice Department has been under severe political pressure to begin an aggressive crackdown on ghost guns.

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The White House is also planning to let liberal lawyer Steve Dettelbach run the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) so he can start controlling ghost guns in the streets of America.

For this purpose, the president has taken the nomination of David Chipman back, as the process stalled in the Senate, due to the concerns of some moderate Democratic senators on his gun control movements.

However, the new nominee can also face a tough time, considering his liberal stance against gun policies.

Thus, the rule is likely to change the definition of a firearm, to include unfinished parts, like handgun frames and receivers, into the firearms.

Last May, the ATF proposed the rule that dealers who are selling parts of the ghost guns get a federal government license and add serial numbers to the existing unserialized guns.

Although the exact timing of the new rule is still vague, some media outlets are reporting the work on it can get started as early as Monday.

It is likely the new gun control rule of the Biden administration will face resistance from conservatives, which can even push the situation into the courts.


Biden falsely blames mass shootings on increased gun access

Biden started to become increasingly assertive against Americans’ right to carry guns, which is protected under the Second Amendment.

Just a few days ago, the Sacramento, California shooting made Biden sell his narrative, even though law enforcement agencies believed the shooting was not the result of gun access.

The president emphasized Congress should ban ghost weapons and high-capacity magazines, due to the rising violent crimes.

However, relevant authorities noted increased law enforcement could have avoided the situation. Reportedly, the suspect was released pre-emptively from prison, which helped him commit the crime.

According to Sacramento police, gang violence is the primary reason for the increasing number of crimes in the city.

Similarly, the police claimed more legislation could not have deterred the suspect from committing the crime.

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It is important to take note here that California is already a far-left state where gun laws are stricter than most parts of the country. Thus, restricting gun access further in the state would snatch guns from Californians altogether.

For this purpose, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer asserted on Sunday it is high time to eliminate ghost guns from America.

He noted these guns are easy to make and hard to trace, so they pose a significant threat to communities.

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