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GOP Senator Blasts Biden Goon-Liberal Nominee Was Stunned By His Question

January 31, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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From the very beginning of the Biden administration, we have seen Joe Biden hire the very worst D.C. has to offer. It doesn’t seem he’s after the best and the brightest. In reality, it looks as if he’s trying to fail. The people he is hiring and nominating for important posts only got those nods because they are leftists.

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Not because, it seems, they are qualified. Take one of Joe’s recent picks for federal court. This woman could end up deciding important cases that affect the entire country. Because of this, Sen. John Kennedy asked her questions about the Constitution. These were basic questions that any judge should be able to answer.

But not Joe’s pick.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for President Joe Biden’s Federal District Court nominees on Wednesday, a left-leaning judge could not answer simple questions about the US Constitution.


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) began by asking Judge Charnelle Bjelkengren, nominee for the Eastern District of Washington about Article V of the US Constitution.

Bjelkengren responded, “Article V is not coming to mind at the moment.” 

What the heck? Sen. Kennedy asked Bjelkengren a simple question about Article V of the Constitution. This article, by the way, outlines how the Constitution can be amended. Something every judge should now. Something any college student should know.

But she claims it wasn’t coming to her mind. Yikes. Then, he asked her about Article II of the Constitution. This is the article that describes the executive branch of the government. You know, the presidency! Yet she didn’t know about that either.

Kennedy then asked her about other legal policies. These were topics any judge would have knowledge of. But Biden’s pick couldn’t answer anything. This is pretty pathetic, since she knew she was going to be grilled by Democrats. She didn’t even bother to study up before this hearing?

How can a judge not know these things? Mind you, if she’s appointed to federal court, she will almost entirely rule on cases related to the Constitution. Yet she doesn’t even know it. Not even enough to answer a simple question.

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That’s pretty bad. Why in the world did Biden pick this person? Probably because she is a left-leaning Democrat from the West Coast. Not because she is qualified. There must be thousands of judges from around the country who should be serving on this court. But Biden overlooked them to pick this idiot.

It’s a disgrace to our country and our judicial system. Not that Biden cares.

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