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George Soros Wants Elizabeth Warren to Get Democrat’s 2020 Nomination

November 16, 2019 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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Democrat mega-donor and billionaire George Soros holds some serious sway in the Democratic party, and he just issued a mandate that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren should get the presidential nod.

“She has emerged as the clear-cut person to beat,” Soros reportedly said. “I don’t take a public stance, but I do believe that she is the most qualified to be president.”

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This comes on the heels of Warren announcing that she would launch a Medicare for All program if elected president that would cost taxpayers upwards of $52 trillion—more than the current federal budget.

If you are not a liberal insider, one might think that this is just another rich old hack flexing his arrogance about king or queen building. After all, the Hungarian-American billionaire can only cast one vote at the end of the day. If only that were true in the inherently corrupt Democratic party.

The facts are that Soros has tremendous influence over the Democratic National Committee. During the 2016 election cycle, the DNC was teetering on the brink of bankruptcy before Hillary infused it with cash and basically out-bid Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for the presidential nomination. Times have not substantially changed, and the DNC continues to have significant fundraising problems.

The GOP, by contrast, has set historic fundraising highs stemming from President Donald Trump’s popularity in the party.

A well-known globalist and socialist, Soros recently dropped $5.1 million to set up a liberal SuperPAC called “Democracy PAC.” He has been a fierce opponent of the Trump Administration’s America First policies that are hurting his international corporate profiteering. The president’s policies also run counter to the so-called “new world order” marketed by socialists such as Germany’s Angela Merkel and others.


Despite being a multi-billionaire, the 89-year-old supports a variety of wealth taxes pushed by far-left Democrats such as Warren and Sanders. He reportedly signed a letter of support galvanizing his socialist position on the issue.

The liberal power broker has been repeatedly ferreted out meddling in elections, paying phony protestors, and sowing the seeds of discontent in the U.S. Anti-Trump money trails have reportedly been linked to Soros, and he has openly criticized President Trump’s America First agenda that has led to an economic boom in the U.S.

“So, I am slightly predicting that things will turn around,” Soros reportedly said. “I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world.”

He has gone on the record predicting his brand of “globalism” will topple national interests and pride of country. Recent political currents, on the other hand, show globalist elites losing ground in Canada, Mexico, U.K., and the EU.

Despite the backlash against his preferred political policies, Soros could be a major factor in how the 2020 election plays out. The $5.1 million SuperPAC is a drop in the bucket compared to other anti-nationalism checks the liberal extremist has written. He routinely disburses political donations from his Open Society Foundations.

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Last year alone, he moved more than $11 billion into the left-wing fund that reportedly has branches in 37 countries. Many of the “donations” doled out from the foundation are promoted under the disguise of social philanthropy. However, Soros’s money almost always comes with socialist and globalist conditions.

In 2004, Soros took a $27-million loss on John Kerry’s presidential campaign. Political insiders anticipate he will throw far more money and influence behind the like-minded Warren and her brand of socialism.

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