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Florida to Issue $5K Fines to Businesses That Impose Vaccine Passports

September 02, 2021 RawAmericanTruth National News 0
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'Promises made, promises kept...'

Florida will start issuing $5,000 fines to businesses, schools and government agencies that require people to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccination.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill earlier this year that banned vaccine passports.

The fines will start Sept. 16 if people are asked to show proof of a COVID-19 shot.


“Promises made, promises kept,” DeSantis spokesperson Taryn Fenske said Wednesday.

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the state’s only statewide elected Democrat and a candidate hoping to challenge DeSantis for governor next year, was critical of the fines.

“Governor DeSantis is retaliating against Floridians who are trying to protect themselves and their communities from COVID-19,” Fried said in an emailed statement. “This not only goes against common sense — it’s also an insult to the free market principles that he claims to champion.”

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