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Democrats Turn on Biden Just Before 2024-the Left Just Did This to Old Joe

January 17, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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There’s no getting around Joe Biden’s latest scandal. After Democrats spent months breathlessly condemning Donald Trump for holding onto classified documents at his home, we learned Biden was doing the same. But it’s worse for Joe, since he did not have the authority to declassify the documents. And he kept some of them at UPenn offices, at a think tank being bankrolled by the communist Chinese government.

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Biden also kept classified documents in his garage, beside his car. And his lawyers found even more documents in his private library. Anyone could have gotten their hands on these documents, putting the country in jeopardy. All this is spilling out just before some predicted Biden would announce his re-election campaign.

And now, top Democrats are turning on the old man.

As President Joe Biden is rumored to soon announce a 2024 bid for re-election, the developing investigation into several batches of classified documents found in his possession could cause turmoil for a potential campaign…

“It’s never good when there’s a special prosecutor appointed. It’s definitely not a place I’d want to be in as we try to put the pieces together of a re-election campaign,” said a Democratic strategist and veteran of presidential campaigns, who asked to remain anonymous to speak more freely…

Biden said it is his “intention” to run for re-election next cycle, but has not yet made an official announcement…


“The biggest risk for Democrats is that it could demoralize their voters, especially if the DOJ’s investigation escalates.” 

When on the record, Democrat toadies are towing the party line, saying this exploding scandal will not hurt Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. But off the record, it’s a different story. It seems top Democrat strategists are panicking over this ever-growing scandal. And it’s all their fault.

Democrats literally made Trump’s documents a federal case, raiding his home with FBI agents. Now, we see that Biden has done worse. As vice president, he did not have the power to declassify those documents. And there are some who believe he was selling these secrets to China or others.

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This does more than just damage his re-election campaign. Biden can face impeachment or much worse. Democrats will soon be distancing themselves from the man, as the weight of this scandal crushes his administration.

Even if he does go through with his re-election campaign, there will be plenty of Democrats who smell blood in the water. Don’t be surprised to see other notable liberals announce 2024 bids. Biden is sinking and his party will ensure he doesn’t survive.

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