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Democratic Rep Katie Hill Resigns Amid Inappropriate Behavior

October 31, 2019 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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Katie Hill, A Democratic Representative, is resigning after constant allegations of inappropriate behavior, including relationships with staffers across Capitol Hill. Hill is going through a messy divorce with a scandal that is quickly being identified as “revenge porn.”

The Freshman representative said that “with a broken heart” she announces that she’s resigning from Congress. She has said that it’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do but feels that it’s best for her constituents and country.

Although there are countless reports of inappropriate relations with staffers, she’s blaming it on her “abusive husband” along with brutal and hateful political operatives. Many people are happy to drive a smear campaign for her, being fueled by various details that her husband has “leaked” to the press.

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While her letter did not include a specific resignation date, it is anticipated that she will leave her position as early as November 1.

Hill dealt with a 10-day episode of sexual harassment, which shook the Democratic Caucus. As a prominent figure within the freshman class, Hill felt as though she had to resign. House Speaker Pelosi has said that she feels that Hill made the right decision, also identifying that in order to ensure that the dignity of Congress is maintained, Hill has “acknowledged errors in judgment.”

While it’s easy to quickly look at Katie Hill and feel sympathetic to her cause, it’s also important to look at the details. The Representative was being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for allegations of having an “improper” sexual relationship with a male congressional staffer. Although she denied it, she did admit to and apologize for an “inappropriate” relationship that she had with a female campaign staffer.

This was only one part of the scandal that surrounds Hill, however. Several nude photos were published, which have likely come from her “abusive husband” that she is in the middle of separating from in a divorce. Many of her fellow representatives rebuked the photos as “revenge porn” and were sympathetic to her. A cease-and-desist letter was even issued by Hill’s attorneys. Hill also asked the US Capitol Police to investigate where the photos were coming from.


With all that is going on with Katie Hill, she wanted to stop the flow of embarrassing reports that have been showing up in a variety of media outlets.

As far as which came first, the inappropriate behavior with the female staffer or the divorce, it’s unknown as of right now. The husband could have felt that revenge porn was a necessary way of dealing with her cheating on him with another woman – though that is hearsay at this point since the timeline hasn’t been identified.

There are sites that claim to know the timeline, which starts with hill having an affair with Graham Kelly, her legislative director, followed by her husband, Kenny Heslep, finding out about it. The only problem is that Hill has denied having any relationship with Kelly of a sexual nature.

Hill has named one particular site,, who was responsible for publishing some of the intimate photos. She’s said that it is an “appalling invasion” of her privacy while also reminding the publication that it was illegal.

She has said that she is being proactive when it comes to cooperating with the Ethics Committee, though she is saddened by the fact that her divorce has been brought into public view along with false allegations of a relationship with a congressional staffer.

Katie Hill is also responsible for being one of the “majority makers” since she flipped a GOP-held seat within her district in California. Now, as a result of the news taking a story and running with it, she has had no choice but to give up her entire political career.

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Hill may be a Democrat and a majority maker, but she is also well-liked amongst her colleagues, including Florida Republican, Matt Gaetz. He defended her and said that it’s “absurd” that she’s dealing with a probe into sexual allegations and asked the question if anyone would appear perfect if every “Ex leaked every photo?”

Although plenty throughout the House of Representatives chose to back Hill and identify that it was a political smear campaign at the hands of her soon-to-be ex-husband, it wasn’t enough to keep her from throwing away her campaign. She seems to be under the impression that, if she stays, additional information is going to be leaked, causing more harm to her personal life as well as to her position on Capitol Hill.

Looks like Trump isn’t the only one who has had to deal with the brunt of “fake news.”

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