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Bill Clinton Weighs In On Impeachment of Trump

November 19, 2019 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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Former President Bill Clinton knows a few things about the impeachment process since he had to go through it during his time in the White House. Now, he weighs in on what things may end up looking like for the Trump Administration.

Clinton has rejected the White House’s insistence that they’re not able to work with Democrats in Congress in the middle of the impeachment proceedings. He calls it an excuse and claims that there were quite a few legislative and diplomatic achievements that happened during the time of his impeachment.

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Clinton called into CNN to weigh in on a shooting that happened at a high school in Santa Clarita, California on his way to Washington to receive an award for work on gun control. This is when the former president used the opportunity to urge action on gun control. The gun-control legislation had picked up momentum for quite a while after the mass shootings that occurred in August. Since then, any action has been stalled – and Congress is blaming it on the impeachment inquiry.

CNN used this time to get his unique perspective about working with Congress during an impeachment since he’s the only living president to have gone through it. He was happy to discuss what he did versus what Trump is doing.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper identified that William Barr explained that the Trump administration had not been ignoring plans to introduce gun-control proposals. Instead, Barr suggested that a legislative package has not materialized due to the impeachment process happening on Capitol Hill.


Bill Clinton ignored that justification, saying that it was more than an excuse. He suggested looking at what was done in 1998 and 1999. He said that those are productive years. During this time, the House was working to impeach Clinton on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. The vote came in December 1998. However, the Democratic Senate acquitted him of both charges in 1999. This is a similar fate that Trump is expected to face in the event that the House brings articles of impeachment against him.

Clinton says that he kept working with everyone even though a judgment was made. Tapper asked if he had a message for Trump. This is when Bill Clinton explained that Trump got hired to do a job. Every day is an opportunity to “make something good happen.” He also recommended that there are lawyers and staff that are handling the impeachment inquiry. He focused on working for the American people and that’s what he suggests that Trump focuses on during this time.

Trump has focused on deriding the process of the House impeachment proceedings, referring to it as a “witch hunt” and “sham.” He has accused Democrats of trying to reverse the results of the 2016 election. Currently, he stands accused of leveraging military aid to Ukraine in order to pressure the government to launch an investigation on his political opponents.

Trump has not only denied wrongdoings but also urge the Democrats to drop the inquiry and work with him on various deals, including the USMCA trade deal and to lower prescription drug costs.

Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker has identified and argued that lawmakers are able to do both simultaneously. Unfortunately, however, there has been a standstill in any legislation coming out of the House because of their focus on the impeachment inquiry.

While former Pres. Bill Clinton does have some sage advice that can be passed on, his impeachment proceeding was very different than that of Trump. Much of it has to do with social media and how everyone seems to have an opinion on what is going on. Clinton wasn’t able to speak directly to the American people as quickly as Trump can using Twitter. Additionally, Clinton was a Democrat who was elected without any major contentions. Trump won the election but Democrats never truly accepted him as the president because of not winning the popular vote.

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Things have changed in the 20 years since Clinton was impeached. The Senate continues to operate by working on legislation. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff and the rest of the House have focused all of their attention solely on the impeachment inquiry. Pelosi can talk all she wants about being able to do both, but actions speak louder than words. Most of America is waiting for the impeachment inquiry to come to a close so that new legislation can come forward, creating better job opportunities, securing borders, and even lowering prescription drug costs.

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