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Biden’s Shocking Migrant Scheme Exposed – This is What He’s Doing at Airports

January 23, 2024 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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Republicans have frequently criticized President Biden’s border policy. Many have accused Biden of deliberately leaving the border open. Biden has spent tax dollars flying migrants across the country.

His administration has used funds designated to help Americans to provide handouts to aliens who broke the law to enter the country.

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And it seems Biden continues to look for ways to benefit illegal aliens—at the detriment to American citizens. The latest move gives migrants free rein to go anywhere they want. Meanwhile, this could put many travelers in danger.

Outrage ensued online as it was revealed this week that Biden’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in conjunction with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been allowing illegal immigrants to pass security without identification, while Americans are required to have a REAL ID.

In a post on X, podcast host Dave Rubin shared an image from a TSA notice that read, “TSA is partnering with CBP to test the use of CBP One at certain TSA checkpoints to validate adult non-US citizen travel documentation when the traveler does not otherwise have an acceptable form of Identification.”


According to a photograph posted by conservative commentator David Rubin, TSA is not requiring border crossers to provide identification before boarding a plane. The sign, posted it appears at an airport, notifies travelers about the Biden administration policy.

Migrants will be able to pass through security, without “an acceptable form of identification.” All they have to do is notify TSA that they are a migrant. They can even decline to have their photo taken.

According to the sign, TSA is required to validate the migrant’s identity through CBP’s “One” app. But this app only contains information the migrant “previously provided to CBP” according to the sign. The TSA also assures the migrant that their information will not be stored.

These are illegal immigrations who, by law, are supposed to have their identities verified, their information stored, and their whereabouts monitored by the government. They are supposed to have court dates that decide if they can even stay in the U.S.

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Yet it appears Biden is going out of his way to make sure these migrants can travel, with as little verification as possible. At the same time, Americans cannot board an airplane without going through rigorous, at times embarrassing, security checks. If they don’t have a valid ID, they won’t board the plane. They might even be detained by police.

Biden’s migrant policy could allow dangerous people on board planes, putting many in danger.

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