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Biden’s Bizarre New Secret Spills Out – He’s Forced to Use “Boat Anchors”

March 19, 2024 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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It should come as no surprise that Joe Biden is too frail to carry out the duties of the presidency. But most Americans seem to believe he’s too frail to do most things.

Footage of the man shows him shuffling around like a confused nursing home patient. He can barely speak, mumbling like he’s forgotten what he was supposed to say.

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But Democrats keep lying to Americans, saying he’s the best man for the job. No, he’s the best man to do what globalists and lobbyists tell him to do. Biden’s campaign is scrambling to avoid more embarrassing tumbles that shatter their claims. And this latest attempt to make Biden appear normal is hilarious.

President Biden’s newest shoes have opened up renewed debate about his health and physical condition, with some speculating they were designed to prevent the president from falling.

“Biden’s handlers are forcing him to wear a new pair of ‘lifestyle sneakers’ because he trips so much,” reads a tweet from RNC Research on Saturday, referring to Biden’s new shoes.

Observers have likened the shoes to “boat anchors” and “piers,” but the “Inside Edition” report attached to the tweet revealed that the president’s new shoes are actually “lifestyle sneakers” that are made by the shoe brand Hoka…

Biden’s specific shoe is called the “Hoka Transport,” the report said, a shoe that has a “wide sole” that is “no doubt great for stability.”

The report notes that the president “does have a history of stumbling” but that the shoe is “quite comfortable” and feels like “walking on air.”


Give me a break. Are we supposed to believe Biden’s wearing shoes with “extra wide soles” because he’s going to go on a hike?

Why does the man need to wear “lifestyle” sneakers, instead of regular dress shoes? From the photos, the shoes are ugly and unprofessional-looking. It looks like his team even spray-painted them black, to hide the fact that they are not normal shoes.

It’s obvious why they did this. A healthy man doesn’t need special shoes to walk. Biden has fallen so many times, that the White House can’t keep pretending as if he’s healthy.

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But his team has the audacity to lie to us, saying he’s fine. So, to maintain this lie, they are forcing him to wear ridiculous shoes to reduce the likelihood he’ll fall.

That’s something you do for your grandpa when he can’t get out of bed anymore. That’s not something you do for someone who is qualified to lead the country.

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