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Biden Grapples With the Military Over Balloon Crisis on Wednesday

February 07, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics | National News 0
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Amidst growing concerns over national security, President Biden took a firm stance against the Chinese spy balloon that made its way across the United States.

With the balloon reportedly hovering near critical military sites and nuclear facilities, the president’s swift action was a necessary step in ensuring the country’s safety and security.

Chinese Spy Balloon Shot Down After Traveling Across Country

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On Saturday, fighter jets finally took down the Chinese spy balloon near the coast of Myrtle Beach. This was after it caused significant public backlash for its prolonged presence in American airspace.

The balloon traveled across the entire country, including Alaska and even into Canada. Then, it entered the U.S. again in Idaho before reaching the Carolinas.

Despite the Biden administration being aware of the balloon for a week, it faced criticism for its inaction and attempts at keeping the situation under wraps.

The statement from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin regarding actions taken against the Chinese spy balloon was received with mixed reactions.

While Austin emphasized the administration prioritizes the safety and security of the American people, some critics argued the delayed response to the balloon’s penetration of national airspace revealed a significant vulnerability.


This lack of swift action caused worry, especially in light of China’s potential aggression toward Taiwan. The situation left some questioning the implications of this incident for future Chinese actions.

Despite Biden’s declaration, the military’s decision to wait for a safer location raised questions about the timing and methodology of the mission. Some speculate the military’s caution may have been influenced by concerns about potential for collateral damage or harm to innocent bystanders.

During a recent press conference, a reporter questioned Biden’s claim that he instructed the Pentagon to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon on Wednesday. Biden responded firmly, stating he indeed gave the order, but the military chose to wait for a safer location.

Questions About Biden’s Authority Over Military Decisions

This exchange sparked discussion and raised questions about the president’s authority over the military and decision-making process in such high-stakes situations.

Some argue that Biden, as the commander-in-chief, should have ultimate control and not be subject to the influence of others in matters of national security.

Biden’s insistence on taking credit for the order to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon on Wednesday has been met with criticism, as the mission was not carried out until Saturday.

Despite the president’s desire to take credit, ensuring the safety of American citizens and minimizing collateral damage must always be a top priority. However, some argue this should not hinder prompt, decisive action when it comes to safeguarding national security interests.

On January 28, U.S Airspace near Alaska was breached by an unknown spy balloon, but the response from Biden’s administration has been suspiciously absent and inadequate.

While some have claimed they ‘didn’t have a water shot’, this excuse isn’t enough to explain why no action has been taken, especially considering it returned over Canada and then again into Idaho on February 1st.

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This breach of airspace is deeply concerning for all citizens of America, as well as our international partners who rely upon us to protect their borders, too.

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