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Biden Caught Giving Billions To Iran — Guess What He Got In Return?

July 16, 2021 RawAmericanTruth Politics | Foreign Policy 0
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I’ve got a simple question for Biden. Why do you always take the side of our enemies or the people who wish us harm?

Biden has completed yet another move that is troubling. Obama did everything he could for Iran, and Biden looks to be following in his footsteps.

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The Biden team has just unveiled they have removed sanctions from Iran to allow them to get to funds from Japan and South Korea. Not just that, they did this on the exact day that the DOJ reported an Iranian plot to kidnap an Iranian-American reporter, Masih Alinejad. Charges being pushed include kidnapping, sanctions-violating and conspiracy.


So right when the Iranians are getting charged with “sanctions-violations conspiracy” by Joe Biden’s own people in the DOJ, he removes sanctions?

Officials who were forced to deal with Iran’s crap for years were angry about the decision as helping out the mullahs.

Republican Senator Bill Haggerty (TN) blasted the Biden move for what it is:

“President Biden has given the Iran regime—who are the biggest sponsor of terrorism—a relief bailout by giving them billions of dollars that former sanctions had locked away in foreign banks,” said Hagerty.

“I spent a lot of time working with the then-Japanese leader to put in place these important sanctions, which had good results, only to now see them start to get blown away with one stroke of a pen for nothing. Joe Biden is committing to Iran appeasement just as it was proven that Iranian leaders were planning to kidnap an American citizen, and as the Iranian regime is using missiles and proxy groups to attack Americans in Syria and Iraq.”

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Why would anyone do something to make it easier on this evil regime? Iranian citizens have been fighting against the regime, attempting to end it for years. But Obama aided the mullahs in keeping their power with an infusion of cash. Now it seems like Biden is copying his friend’s agenda perfectly.

There is no excuse for doing this. Especially not since they sponsor so much terrorism, and refuse to comply with inspections. Biden did not even get anything in exchange for his kissing the feet of the mullahs.

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