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Biden Avoids Oval Office Press Appearances to Stay on Script

May 13, 2022 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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The latest reports have revealed President Biden avoided using the White House Oval Office for his press briefings, just because it has no permanent teleprompter.

Reportedly, most aides of Biden want him to stick to the script for the press appearances, so he always needs a teleprompter to just read the script out loud.

Biden Not Using Oval Office to Avoid Getting off-Script

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Politico was the first source to report about the absence of a permanent teleprompter from the Oval Office.

The media outlet was reporting about the possibility of a Trump and Biden rematch for the 2024 presidential election. 

As per the channel, both Trump and Biden are confident that they will win their elections if they face each other in 2024.

Democrats’ potential nominees want to know if they have to prepare themselves for the next presidential election. So, Biden is likely to announce his final decision after the November midterm elections, Politico added.


The article on the website also mentioned Biden is getting physically weaker with each passing day.

For instance, Biden’s bone, which he hurt while playing with his dog back in 2020, still impairs him. Also, the president struggles to deliver a speech without reading it from a teleprompter, Politico noted.

Some of the stakeholders of the Democrat Party also believe Biden will not be able to handle another campaign, due to his age, so they are expecting a fresh face this time.

Likewise, the media outlet noted the president is using a “fake White House stage” in the old executive office building where a permanent teleprompter is placed for him.

Biden Often Tries to Avoid the Media 

Not only this, but the frequency of Biden’s media appearances is also less than former presidents. For example, he only gave one interview so far this year.

Similarly, Biden did only 22 formal sit-downs in the first year of his office, compared to 92 from Trump.

Last year, Politico mentioned the lack of Biden’s will to appear in front of the media, noting he used to face the media more often when he was the vice president.

Likewise, the channel called this attitude of evading the press a “bunker mentality” of the White House.

Since assuming the top office, Biden has been involved in various gaffes, which is the most worrying part for his public relations team.

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The biggest gaffe was his warning of regime change in Russia while he stood in Poland; this made him and the United States the laughingstock of the whole world.

Even many liberal media outlets, including the New York Times and the Associated Press, have started complaining about Biden’s inability to come in front of the media.

Both of these networks previously mentioned the president shies away from the media.

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