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As Democrats Grab Americans’ Guns–Biden Caught I Pushing False Statements About 2nd Amendment

January 24, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics | Gun Control 0
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Barack Obama admitted, as he left office, that he had failed to push strong gun control. So, it seems his flunky, “President” Joe Biden, is trying to finish the job. He’s signed numerous executive orders trying to diminish Americans’ right to bear arms. He has also ordered Congress to pass sweeping gun control bills, which would erode our 2nd Amendment rights to next to nothing.

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Democrats across the country have been following his orders. That includes Democrat Governor of Illinois, Pritzker, who passed shockingly strict gun control that bans AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles. The state has been hammered with lawsuits, as sheriffs vow not to enforce the law.

And now, Joe Biden’s biggest lies about gun ownership are coming back to bite him.

[O]n several occasions, the president has shown that he may not know the real issue at hand as he repeatedly pushes for a ban on “assault weapons.” […]

“If you need to work about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s. You don’t need an AR-15.” […]


Biden has previously said gun-rights advocates need a much bigger arsenal of weapons to take on the federal government. In July 2021, he said: “You need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons” during a White House speech to outline his plan to combat gun violence.

In the same speech, he also falsely claimed there have always been limits on the Second Amendment…

These claims have been analyzed and found to be false when Biden has made them repeatedly over the past few years. 

As recently as Martin Luther King Day, Biden has been spouting false statements about gun rights. He wrongly paints 2nd Amendment advocates as “insurrectionists” who only own guns in the event they want to “over throw the government.”

As usual, Biden is lying.

There are numerous reasons Americans own firearms. The biggest is to defend themselves from those who wish them harm. From big cities to rural farms, Americans are present with danger. Because they are free people, they have the right to protect their persons, families, and property. Democrats’ war on the 2nd Amendment seeks to rob Americans of this right.

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It has little to do with “overthrowing” the government. But it’s nice to hear Biden talk about using F-16s and nuclear bombs on American citizens. Shows us where his priorities are, huh? Biden is not a man for the people. He is a man against the people. Everything he’s done as “president” has been to the detriment of the average citizen.

We are weaker, poorer, and overrun with illegals. If Biden had his way, we would not be able to exercise one of our most fundamental rights. He’d rob us of all our firearms, claiming he was doing it to help us.

Because, at the end of the day, Biden and his Democrats don’t think you deserve the right to defend yourself. You are merely a pawn in their scheme. And they will destroy you, come hell or high water.

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