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And the Mask Scolds Are BACK

January 03, 2023 RawAmericanTruth Politics 0
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It’s been clear to most of us for quite a while now that the pandemic is over. Sure, COVID itself is still around, and people are still getting sick. And some are even still dying.

However, all the useless restrictions, the fear, the mandates, etc., are, for the most part, gone. We are moving on. We’re back to work, putting our kids back on the school bus, and starting to live again.

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And I think most of us can agree we’d like it to stay that way.

But apparently, that’s not the case for everyone in our nation. I’ll give you a few guesses as to who doesn’t want any of the fears of the past few years to end.

Yep, that’s right. The Biden administration, liberal city leaders, and those high up in the health industry.

And why?

Well, if it isn’t obvious, COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic gave them all a lot of power. And now that people aren’t afraid of the once unknown illness anymore, that power has waned significantly.

Naturally, they want it back.

As another winter sets in, so do the fresh calls to mask up and avoid other people. Of course, they’ve had to come up with slightly different language, as we are all well-versed with terms such as “pandemic” and “mandates.”

Instead, they are calling the need to re-mask a “tridemic,” thanks to increased flu, RSV, and COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in recent weeks.

According to a Friday news release from the New York City Health Department, it’s recommended that people begin to mask up in indoor settings again due to “unusually high concurrent spikes” in “COVID-19 and other seasonal illnesses.”

As the release stated, vaccines and boosters are still “critical,” but so are “common sense” things like masking indoors, staying home when you don’t feel well, and getting tested before meeting with others.


Now, I’m in full agreement that as cold and flu season, as winter is also known as, sets in, things like staying home when you feel sick should be a good rule of thumb to follow. Otherwise, we are just intentionally getting others sick.

But it seems Los Angeles, another major populated and Democratically run city, is doing a bit more than just recommending masks and such.

Per reports from the Los Angeles Times, city officials are rather seriously considering whether or not to reinstate mask mandates in the coming days and weeks. Those new orders could go into effect as early as the new year “should hospitalizations worsen.”

The Los Angeles County public health director Barbera Ferrer has even said it’s time “to put that mask back on.”

According to reports, the mandate will go into effect once two criteria have been met. The first is that there is a high hospital admission rate. The second is that COVID patients occupy at least 10 percent of hospital beds.

The first criterion has already been met.

But don’t think that you might not be affected just because you don’t live in either LA or NYC.
CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is also encouraging the use of masks. She told reporters on Monday that just because the CDC hasn’t required it yet, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead and mask up. Just be sure your mask is of “high quality” and “well-fitting” to prevent the spread.

This, according to Walensky, could go a long way in mitigating the effects of the “tridemic” as it makes its way across the country.

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Of course, we all know that masking does little to nothing to stop the spread of COVID. Thousands who continually masked up on every occasion still managed to contract it, just as those who fearfully ran to vaccines as the cure-all for the disease.

And masking’s effects on the flu and RSV won’t be any different, as they are all airborne respiratory diseases for the most part.

The sad truth is that COVID is here to stay, just like the flu and RSV. And while there are common sense ways to prevent their spread among our populations, masking, especially not forced masking, isn’t one of them.

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