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After Dems Release “Dumpster Fire” Border Bill – Republicans Hit Back Hard

February 06, 2024 RawAmericanTruth Politics | National News 0
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After three years of chaos, Democrats in D.C. are talking about the border. It is possible the problem has gotten so bad, that they fear an election massacre if they don’t do anything. But President Biden has refused to use his executive authority to address the border.

Instead, he is demanding Republicans agree to a new bill, crafted by Senate Democrats.

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Democrats delayed releasing the bill until a few days before the vote. Republicans only recently got a look at this bill. And it is far from what they believe will secure the border. In fact, one called it a “dumpster fire.”

“It’s clear why Democrats waited until the last minute to drop this dumpster fire of a bill, it’s far worse than we could have expected,” former Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry, R-Pa., told Fox News Digital on Sunday night after the legislation was released. “The Senate must reject this American sellout.”…

The proposal is aimed at tightening current immigration and asylum laws while also fast-tracking eligible asylum claims…

However, a majority of House Republicans have insisted on border reform that goes even further, pointing to their H.R.2 border security bill passed last year.

“This pathetic excuse for [a] border security deal gives Ukraine three times as much as it allocates to the U.S. border.”


The Democrat-drafted Senate border bill appears like a solution to the border crisis. But Republicans are revealing it does not do enough to end the flood of migrants entering the country. The law fast-tracks asylum claims, which might allow more migrants into the country.

It gives Biden the authority to shut down the border, but it is unknown if he will ever use that authority. Republicans have pointed out that Biden can, right now, secure the border through executive action. Yet he’s allowed the crisis to rage for three years, doing very little about it.

But the biggest problem with this bill is that it allocates “three times” more money for Ukraine than it does the U.S. border. Republicans are outraged that Democrats are seemingly using the border crisis to throw more tax dollars at a foreign war.

And now, Republicans are turning on those largely responsible for this toxic bill: Republican Senate leadership.

Secrecy, lies, and broken promises by Senate Republican leadership – resulting in a historical pro-migration border surrender – are irredeemable, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said Sunday in calling Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to be replaced.

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“Even while refusing to let us see the bill they claimed to be negotiating on our behalf—for MONTHS—they were never in doubt, insisting we’d be dumb and even unpatriotic NOT to support it,” Lee posted to X, outlining a leadership playbook employed by McConnell time and time again for years.

Sen. Mike Lee is calling on Republicans to replace their Senate leader, Mitch McConnell. Lee claims that McConnell refused to let Republicans see the bill for months. He even accused McConnell of “insisting we’d be dumb and even unpatriotic NOT to support it.”

McConnell has long been called a RINO by conservative Republicans. His support for this apparently pro-immigration bill could provoke enough Republicans to turn on him.

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